Perfectly balance colors every time!

Just look at the sample photos page.

Popular Photography Magazine describes Sticky Filters as "Brilliant!"

Want to improve your digital images? MPS Sticky Fill Flash Correction Filters will do it!  The professional photographer's trade secret is out of the bag and available to you today!  Take full advantage of your digital camera's versatility with this easy to use flash filter gel system.  Go ahead! Shoot under fluorescent lights, sodium vapor lights, metal halide, tungsten.  Sticky Filters will make your flash compatible with all of them.  No more green or amber backgrounds!  Reduces or eliminates the need for bounce lighting.  You just get good natural looking photos.

Designed, created and manufactured by a professional photographer for digital on-camera flash photography.

Custom calibrated for today's artificial light sources!

Ready to use right out of the package - no trying to figure out how to attach them to the flash.

Made in the USA.

You get two sets of filters!

Did I mention,"Lifetime replacement"?